First Stop Moodle

The training in place at Bridgestone Europe’s subsidiary organisation, First Stop, was inconsistent, not region-specific and out of line with their business drivers. In addition, many front-line staff were resistant to training and technology. In order to improve customer service, increase sales and harmonise the First Stop brand, we worked with them to come up with a suitable solution and enliven the delivery of their training and development. A key aim was to bring each First Stop store up to the coveted five-star rating.

In addition to a series of e-learning modules, we created a bespoke, on-brand Moodle platform. Upon entering the portal, learners are met by an image of a First Stop store with five main areas representing different categories of learning. These provide a structure for the Moodle platform and take learners to different areas of content, which all match the First Stop brand. In addition to a first-class user experience, the platform has a range of advanced functionality for administrators including bespoke reporting and customisation options.

Our solution has successfully standardised and delivered content on the selected subject areas to First Stop employees all around Europe. It has been so well received that LEO is now translating and localising the Moodle and the content into twelve different languages in order to extend the reach of the training to even more First Stop users.