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How to cut L&D without killing it

This post first appeared on the LINE website on Spetember 7th 2010.

Are you wrestling with how to deliver the same results or better with less budget?

Value for Money

Investment in learning and development has not escaped the cuts in budget that many organisations have experienced during these difficult trading times.

Through our work with the corporate, defence and public sectors we have developed a proven method to help you solve this problem. By using learning innovation and new technology, we’ll help you deliver ‘more for less’.

Our method requires a hard look at your learning strategy. See the case studies featured below to see the sort of business results we have achieved for others. If this is an issue you are grappling with then call for support and expert advice on how to reduce your budgets without derailing critical staff development activities.

learning and development

Done ‘with you’ not ‘to you’

Our approach to helping you address the profound challenge you are facing is called the LINE Healthcheck. This is a highly structured process that will quickly expose your leadership team to all the options available to drive down training costs. It uses benchmarking and draws on expert input from our specialists and the strategic advice of practitioners within your own organsisation.

Please contact us today to learn more about the LINE Healthcheck or to discuss how we can help.