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Josh Bersin: Driving learning culture in organisations

Josh is one of the most respected thought leaders in the field of learning and development and in 2010 was named by HR Examiner magazine among the “Top 100 Influencers in HR” and the “Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management”.

In December 2010 he was in Europe to, amongst other things, give a keynote speech at Online Educa in Berlin. His presentation contained some useful pointers on the elearning market and on the HR professional’s role in driving, building and sustaining a strong learning culture within their organisations.

Many of the recommendations on specific practices came from the Bersin & Associates 2010 report on High-Impact Learning Culture: The 40 Best Practices for Creating an Empowered Enterprise. Key pointers included:

• Working to create a strong culture of learning is a business strategy that deserves the attention of senior leadership
• Organisations can intentionally strengthen their learning culture by implementing very specific practices
• Leadership and management must drive the development and reinforcement of a learning culture
• Not all learning cultures are the same and will vary by business strategy
• High-impact learning culture practices create greater business efficiency and sustainable growth
• High-impact culture of learning practices create greater customer value. market leadership, and greater customer satisfaction

The highest-impact learning culture practices are dominated by three categories – empowering employees, encouraging reflection and demonstrating that learning is important to the organisation

For more details on the Bersin & Associates report click here

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This post first appeared on the Epic website on January 12th 2011.