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Mobile learning and dealer training

This post first appeared on the LINE website on March 3rd 2011.

In a new sector white paper Sean Nugent, Key Account Director Automotive, describes how LINE is leveraging mobile technology to help dealerships in the automotive sector combat the challenges offered by the unique new pressures of selling in the Web 2.0 world.

A car is a fairly high-ticket item for most consumers, so you would expect them to do a certain amount of research before purchasing one. Happily for consumers, there is more help available for them in doing this than ever before. 90% of car customers worldwide use the internet for such purchases, and the rise of social media has further expanded the sources of advice they can call on. Research shows a perhaps astonishingly high level of trust in the opinions of others about what they should buy among consumers in general: 90% trust recommendations from people they know, and whacking 70% even trust the opinions of unknown users.

All of which may be great for consumers; however, it poses a considerable L&D challenge for car dealerships.

Smart customers

Customers are now much better informed before they even set foot into the showroom. In some cases they can even know more than the dealer’s sales staff. This is changing the balance of power. The danger is that sales staff have less ability to influence the customer – and therefore less ability to sell.

This takes place against the background of a turbulent period for the automotive sector in general (global recession, increased raw materials costs and rising fuel prices) added to growing competition for the traditional centres of car production from China, India and Korea.

So no pressure then.

New white paper: ‘Mobile learning and dealer training’

How has LINE helped its automotive clients combat these pressures, and even increase sales success in this tough, competitive climate? Our new white paper describes how we have leveraged mobile delivery of training to help equip dealership staff for the Web 2.0 world, staying one step ahead of the new, smarter customers. It is not a case study, but a general survey of one distinct area of domain expertise within our service for Automotive sector companies.

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