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CIPD Learning and Talent Development Survey 2011

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on May 16th 2011…

The CIPD 2011 annual survey, based on replies from over 600 practitioners, explores key issues affecting the L&D profession and provides insights into what these trends mean for learning and talent development practice.

The survey brings great news for the e-learning industry!

• 54% of respondents have increased their use of e-learning, continuing last year’s trend whereby organisations opted for less costly development options

• 31% of large organisations (5,000+ employees) now use e-learning

• 19% of organisations with 1,000–4,999 employees and 9% with under 1,000 staff now use some form of e-learning

• Despite public sector spending cuts and reduced training budgets, 39% of public sector organisations anticipate greater use of e-learning next year compared to 24% of private sector organisations

But it’s not all good news for the e-learning industry. While 76% think e-learning is effective for training non-managerial employees, just 10% believe it’s the most effective overall approach for learning and development. This is despite a growing body of evidence to suggest e-learning is equally effective, if not more effective, than traditional classroom techniques.

Click here to download Epic’s ‘Organisational Benefits of e-learning’ White Paper to see what some of these benefits are.

Similarly to last year, more than half of organisations surveyed said that responsibility for determining learning and talent development needs fall into the hands of L&D specialists. Around 40% of organisations said Senior Managers were responsible and just 5% said employees have no involvement in determining training needs.

A summary of the report’s key findings and the full report itself can be found on the CIPD website.