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Mobile learning in the professional services sector: an introduction

You are, right now, in the business of staying connected and informed whilst on the move. The mobile revolution has happened and mobile usage as a work tool is only going one way. LINE did a survey of 200 companies in which 76% see themselves adopting mobile learning in the next two years (up from 36% in 2010) and Professional and Business Services, as a sector, are right up there to take advantage of the opportunities innovative mobile learning and development can bring. However, it’s still complex navigating the various strategic options available to you, against a background of growing demands from the user and customer.

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To address these complexities, over the next five weeks, we’re going to bring you a series of blogs, resulting in a white paper, describing, analysing and offering practical advice on four key topics. The final weekly update, in January, will be an open webinar discussion, and the launch of a free to download white paper.

Details of each blog:

The topics and content of these weekly blogs are based around the following:

Integration: Mobile learning architectures in Professional Services. Andrew Joly, LINE Design Director, and Bruce Woods, Director and Professional Services Sector Lead address mobile learning. What learning needs does technology enabled learning address well? How is mobile learning different from desktop learning? How does mobile learning integrate into a broader learning architecture?

M-Learning and Security. Paul Nebel, Senior Architect, addresses mobile learning and security. Paul will cover organisation-wide concerns about both security of data and security of IP. Right now, your organisation has various IP and data on mobile devices, not company laptops. Some of these devices are never seen by the organisation, never enter the building and are not supported. How can you control access to your content on these devices?

Mobile learning – the state of play. Piers Lea, CEO, discusses the current and 2012 landscape for mobile learning. Demand for mobile services is growing and the pressure is two fold. End-users are demanding mobile access, while board members and senior execs are seeing mobile as a USP…a game changer, and creating pressure to perpetuate their use across businesses. This positive pressure, with smartphones becoming ubiquitous and services needing to be multi-platform, means your organisation needs to be aware of how it can adapt. Within the Professional Service sector are you to be a pioneer, or can you find best practice and become a fast follower?

Mobile learning – the foundations. Dominic Mason, Head of Mobile, introduces some foundations for your mobile service. What mobile learning products can you have in your learning mix? How can you build a mobile service that you can control and populate yourselves? How can you make static assets such as .pdf files more interactive on mobile? As well as your core mobile learning products, what additional services do you need to support them?

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This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 6th December 2011.