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Enterprise mobility is transformational

‘ Mobility is not just a technology. It’s a lifestyle that we bring from home to work. ’

Respected industry commentator Kevin Benedict recently surveyed 600+ companies for his Mobility Outlook 2012 report. That’s not out just yet but this video blog gives a preview of some of the transformational effects of enterprise mobility, which Kevin has recently spoken to some of the world’s largest companies about.

‘[It’s] a lot more than technology,’ says Kevin. ‘It’s transformational in terms of both the technology and the business’.

In his informal survey, 80% of the companies surveyed said that mobility was important or critical to the future success of their company. 42% of those companies wanted to mobilise immediately to gain competitive advantage, by giving real time access to operational data while freeing decision makers from their desks to be effective at the point of need.
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Mobility - Learning platforms and record stores (LMS and LRS)

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 1st March 2012.