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Mobile learning – the foundations

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 8th March 2012.

Dominic Mason, Head of Mobile, introduces the foundations for mobile learning.

The first question to ask about any mobile learning initiative is: “Where do I start?” Your mobile initiative does not necessarily begin with devices, formats, support, interactivity or content, it begins with questions about the business need.

What is the business need or the problem that needs solving? Like any technology, mobile should never be assumed to be the answer without some requirements analysis. Moving on from that, once you have described the business need, what is mobile’s role in that? Equally important, what’s your internal capability to address mobile’s role? Finally, you should start to build a picture of how you will judge if this initiative has delivered for you. What does success look like?

If you can answer the questions above, then you will have a much clearer picture of your mobile learning requirements and route to mobile success. You’ll then need to build a mobile learning mix that can help you along that route. The following questions will help you devise a strategy for content, devices, delivery and control.

What learning products do you want in your learning mix? How do you find out how those work on mobile devices? What mobile devices do you want to enable or purchase? How can you build a mobile service that you can control and populate yourselves? How can you make static assets such as .pdf files more interactive on mobile? How will you deliver mobile learning to your business? As well as your core mobile learning products, what additional services do you need to support them?

Let’s summarise that in a checklist:

Initial considerations:
Business need
What’s mobile’s role
Internal capability
What does success look like

The service foundations:
Your core mobile learning product mix
Your target devices
Mobilising current assets
Additional services (e.g. mobile comms)

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