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Piers Lea Chairs ELIG Marketplace group

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 29th March 2012.

piers at eligI have been asked (and accepted!) to be the Chairman of the marketplace group  for ELIG (the European Learning Industry Group). I have been able to accept this role partly because I am working with Laura Overton from Towards Maturity as Vice-Chair who will be an enormous help in our 2012 endeavour.

The issue our industry faces is the continuing lack of understanding of what we do.

While we have worthy conversations on the finer points of the use of technology in learning (mostly amongst ourselves and few client enthusiasts) most business leaders and policy-makers remain blissfully unaware of our existence or benefit.

And yet the speed of change and increasing complexity of the world we live in – whether in education or business – demands that everyone should innovate in the way our people learn or risk falling far behind.

One reason for this lack of understanding is that we fail to speak as an industry. We fail to make a compelling case that gets business leaders’ attention.

Yet we have the kind of result-based stories that would make any leader sit up if we combine them and tell them properly.


These stories will be collected under the umbrella of ELIG’s market place group.

And then they will be powerfully communicated

  • by ELIG members in investment and client proposals,
  • by our clients in their business cases,
  • by boards in their policy-making and
  • by ELIG to senior people across Government and Industry in Europe.

In 2011 ELIG produced the market report that gave us the data we can all use (This will be updated at intervals). In 2012 the market place group will collect the results stories that we can then publish as a ‘top-ten’ (as voted by the members). I will post the results we find on the ELIG blog and here.

Looking forward to it!