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Five mobile learning messages

If you want to get learning and comms to stick, you really need to be considering mobile delivery. Smartphone users pick up their devices on average 18 times a day to view mobile-optimised media – so how can you take advantage of these and other usage trends through mobile learning?

1. Just in time, just at hand

Capitalise ongoing trends for:

    • demand for just in time learning from users
    • growth of digital delivery
    • flexibility for learning department and learner
    • budget pressure

  • fewer classroom courses
  • shorter learning sessions
  • The desire for ‘point of need’ knowledge
  • The stickiness of mobile for comms

2. Exploit the power of mobile for allowing the user to choose when to ‘review, consider, embed’.

3. Utilise the growth of online video usage amongst smartphone users.

4. Take advantage of the demand for exciting learning with great mobile experiences.

5. Utilise the availability of apps and take advantage of inbuilt features of devices.

Young professional using mobile learning

Five quick tips for mobile learning:

  1. Choose a mature mobile learning and communications provider.
  2. It’s about learning not tech.
  3. Support your learners on devices they want to use.
  4. Make truly mobile experiences. Don’t just make your website small.
  5. Frame mobile video with contextual materials and hints & tips. As ever, In scenarios, make the content an authentic voice of the audience.


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This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 26th April 2012.