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Epic goes ‘green’

At Epic, we strive to create a positive impact through our environmental and community-based social activities. Epic is an ISO 14001 accredited organisation and as our Environmental Policy Statement attests:

“We are committed to reducing the direct environmental impacts of our operations. We conduct our own activities and operations to reflect best environmental practice and have implemented an environmental management system to pursue sustainability, to work within current and future legal requirements and regulations and the prevention of pollution.”

We regularly review our operations to ensure that we continue to put our environmental commitments into practice. And we’re pleased to say that we passed our most recent environmental audit!

The environmental projects we’re currently involved with at Epic include the ‘Zero-to-Landfill’ scheme supported by the local company Brighton Paper Round. Being part of this initiative means that the non-recyclable waste we produce is disposed of without being sent to landfill sites. The energy within the waste is then released at an energy-from-waste plant and used to generate electricity. We also have a recycling collection every second week and everyone gets involved to ensure that bins get emptied and bags are collected.

Recently several members of staff volunteered at a local tree planting event with Trees for Cities, an independent charity who aim to “create social cohesion and beautify our cities” through activities in the local community such as tree planting. One of the instructional designers who participated said, “I think projects like this are a wonderful idea and can have a really positive effect on how we experience the urban space around us.

Epic acquired ISO 14001 accreditation in 2008 and, in the lead up to achieving this, undertook a large number of internal audits to identify waste and how to address it. This was in addition to planning sessions to discuss how to implement and maintain the processes underpinning the ISO. Substantial reductions were achieved in power, water and electricity usage, whilst local company Magpie (now one of the key participants in Brighton Paper Round) were chosen as partners to handle recycling, and every single chemical used within the building was analysed and catalogued so that potential hazards could be understood.

Environmental efforts are supported on multiple levels, including being financially and managerially driven by the company as an entity, and day-to-day efforts being driven by people across the company pitching in. There is also a dedicated Environmental Team who meet on a regular basis to discuss continuing initiatives and potential one-off efforts (which includes everything from installing a new can crusher to looking at upcoming local charitable events) as well as producing a newsletter to keep the company in the loop.

People throughout the company are also always on the lookout for potential ways of contributing, from selecting service providers on the basis of ethical accreditation through to suggestions regarding our own in-house processes.

As one Epic team member puts it, “It’s reassuring knowing that I’m working for a company that takes an active interest in environmental issues. Not only does the service we provide help to reduce company’s carbon footprints, it’s good to know that we strive to reduce ours back at the office.

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This post first appeared on the Epic blog on 17th April 2012.