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ELIG Results Story: Caterpillar

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 4th May 2012.

Here is a great ‘results’ story. This one coming from ELIG member: Deniz Saral.

Lots more like this to come….


“On-line delivery of Caterpillar’s Sales Effectiveness Program (SEP) achieved an average of 40% improvement in key metrics including overall sales performance, margin realization, participation, close rates and actual vs. forecasted sales”, says Ruud Kronenburg, Dean, College of Marketing and Distribution, Caterpillar University; Regional Manager EAME, Caterpillar, Geneva.

  • Five years ago Caterpillar University (CU) initiated SEP to significantly enhance learning effectiveness of Caterpillar’s 20’000 global Dealer sales force. SEP’s main goal was “all dealer sales personnel to permanently, visibly and measurably engage in competency development that produces better business results”.
  • Global research among Caterpillar dealers revealed 17 Sales Competencies that were critical to successful sales performance. CU created on-line assessments in 21 languages. Over 10’000 sales people have been assessed and targeted learning offerings implemented to date.
  • CU launched its Sales Certification Program adding a formal dimension to learning achievement. Sales certification is based on three levels of competency: Foundational, Advanced and Expert. Each level is supported with job-specific curricula that include a blend of e-learning and ILT.
  • Performance metrics are rigorously monitored. CU uses purpose-designed learning management technology in multiple languages to support delivery and tracking of SEP, which now has over 17’000 participants around the world.
  • SEP received the coveted EFMD-CEL accreditation in recognition of program and process integrity.


Deniz Saral, PhD, Director of Grenoble Ecole de Management’s DBA Cohort Program in Switzerland
Webster University, Geneva