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The future of enterprise is mobile, just ask the employees

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 4th May 2012.

The appetite of the workforce for mobile within the enterprise is fast turning the normal order of things on its head. Mobile is a huge force hitting organisations and forcing previously rigid IT barriers to fall under immense pressure. The force from the workforce says: ‘let us go mobile and let us help you out-compete others’.

The force is ‘consumerisation’ (with a ‘z’ if you live in US/Canada) and it represents the fact that mobile is not only a technology but also a way of life. This way of life has changed the way we do everything from looking for train times to communicating with remote loved ones, from finding a job to choosing a restaurant in an unknown city. Inevitably, by comparison, having to sit down inside a corporate firewall seems positively constraining compared to having access to mobile services exactly when and where you need them to do the best job you can, wherever you are, whenever you choose.

The pull power of consumerisation for mobile services in the workplace is strong and growing. Demand includes not just email but access to support, learning, knowledge and information. This cannot be ignored if organisations want to attract the best people and allow them to compete. There is strong evidence of the effectiveness of mobile in empowering employees to act where they are, rather than having to come back to corporate HQ or within IT central. This evidence means that as well as bottom up demand, the board room and key decision makers are also pushing downwards on organisation to unleash the power of mobile.

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