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The time is right for mobile learning

Here at Epic, we are committed to mobile learning. We’ve heavily invested in both our bespoke mobile development offering and in our authoring tool gomo learning, because we see limitless potential in the opportunities in the mobile space. The ability to deliver just-in-time training and performance support via mobile devices when it is most needed is an incredibly exciting possibility for our clients.

So we couldn’t be more delighted to read the new eLearning Guild report ‘Mobile Learning: The Time is Now’. The author Clark N. Quinn makes a compelling case that mobile has well and truly arrived… at long last.

The study reports that after several years of hype and initial interest in mobile, more organisations have reported plans to integrate mobile with their learning strategy, and early adopters have already reported seeing a return on investment.

According to Quinn: “The time to get on top of mobile is now, as the market has matured to the point where we can see real benefits on a pragmatic basis. There are still hurdles, but they’re surmountable, and the shift that mobile represents is simply too fundamental to be ignored.”

The message couldn’t get any clearer.

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Epic’s Director of Learning Imogen Casebourne says: “We are at a really exciting time, as this report shows. As more and more people adopt smart devices, Epic is starting to move from helping clients with initial research and pilot studies to evaluating what works best for them and to creating large-scale blends with mobile elements.

One of the strengths of the eLearning Guild report is that its author doesn’t just throw impressive statistics about the explosive growth of smartphones and the number of people downloading apps (although there are plenty of stats if that’s what you’re after). Rather, Quinn argues that key benefit of mobile learning is not just about delivering courses, it’s about augmenting our knowledge and performance.

Ultimately, mobile learning is just one piece in the blended learning puzzle. And an very important piece at that.

Quinn, Clark N., 2012. ‘Mobile Learning: The Time is Now’. The eLearning Guild.

This post first appeared on the Epic blog on 24th May 2012.