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ELIG Results Story: Speexx

Here is another great ELIG ‘results’ story about Speexx.

7 million users, 1200 certified coaches. Increasing pass rates from below 50% to 90%- language learning the Speexx way.

Speexx helps increase motivation and learner retention. After introducing Speexx to 3,000 students at a global technology company the pass rate went up to 90% (from below 50%) and the drop-out rate fell from 33% to 4.5%.

More than 2,800 Chinese students learning English have used the tool’s ‘IntelliSpeech’ accent reduction tool to improve their pronunciation skills. On a scale from 0 to 100, the average accent reduction score went up from just 30 to more than 85. And the system doesn’t just work for Chinese students; it is helping ten thousands of users around the world to better understand each other every day.

With a high adoption rate of more than 95% and faster time-to-competence The language learning tool helps more than 1000 corporate clients around the world reduce turnover in key positions, manage global succession plans, increase cross-border communication productivity, and reduce the risk of non-compliance, litigation, and lost business reputation with a global approach to language training and communication skill development.

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