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ELIG Results Story: IKEA

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 18th July 2012.

The ELIG marketplace group is picking up an excellent range of results based stories from across our industry.

The idea is to publish an initial ‘top ten’ that ELIG will use to get the message about the effectiveness of using technology in training if well designed and implemented. Part of the selection criteria will be the sheer range of stories and situations.  Members of the ELIG marketplace group will be voting on the stories.

Here’s another good results story from IKEA to add to the collection:

When IKEA decided to employ a blended learning solution instead of traditional learning methods, it resulted in savings of almost €I.5m per year and reduced training time from 14 days to 7.

The challenges:

    • IKEA retailers were demanding a reduction in the length of the overall training programme from 2 weeks to 5 days.


    • The front-led and trainer-centered format of the foundation training programme did not fit the learning culture of IKEA.


    • Rapid expansion in Asia followed by economic fluctuations required running the training locally rather than sending managers to the headquarters in Delft. The feasibility of rolling out the training in its current form on a local level was logistically and financially impossible.


The outcomes of the blended learning solution:

  • Replaced the need for 18 trainers and 1 facilitator to deliver the programme to 2 facilitators
  • €3,770 savings in printed material per training session
  • Increased awareness of and confidence in IKEA Concept
  • Supported global expansion strategy by creating a model that is scalable
  • Award winning design
  • Better learner feedback and better results