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learndirect: Transforming skills delivery

And let’s not forget learndirect who have delivered some results using a full blend of techniques and technologies, transforming skills.

Around 10,000 people log on and learn with learndirect every day.

Transforming skills with learndirect

In numbers:

  • To date, learndirect has delivered almost 700,000 Skills for Life test passes
  • receives more than 3 million new visitors each year
  • 77% of learners say learning with learndirect improved their confidence
  • 65% of learners say their career has benefited from learning with learndirect
  • 51% of learndirect learners who are unemployed when they come to learndirect get a job within 6-12 months of leaving learndirect

In little more than a decade, they have shown high quality learning can be delivered online on a large scale, transforming people’s lives, and helping families, communities and businesses thrive.

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 9th July 2012.