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LINE Defence & Security exhibits at the Fernausbildungskongress event in Hamburg

Keith Downes, LINE’s Director, Defence & Security Lead, reports on a successful few days in Hamburg.

Last week was very European for LINE Defence & Security – Keith Downes and Simon Fyfe joined Robert Hohmann at the Fernausbildungskongress (Distance Training Congress) at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg, Germany. This small but perfectly formed team were welcomed with great warmth and enthusiasm by the Bundeswehr. As expected the event was really well managed and provided LINE with the opportunity to understand more about training modernisation within the Bundeswehr, showcase domain capability and to demonstrate a number of new and innovative programmes involving VBS2, VBSWorlds, Virtual Task Trainers and Virtual Reality. Interest was high and we had a number of really good meetings both at the event and on a brilliant boat trip out of the central Hamburg harbour along the magnificent river Elbe – German beer is so good.

Cultural Awareness remains a hot topic across NATO and Robert co-presented a session on this subject with Prof Gawliczek from ADL in Poland who has strongly supported LINE’s Cultural Awareness programme for pre-deployment training. As the programme has now been fully re-versioned for mobile this European exposure will be helpful in selling licenses across the global Defence community – which is our objective.

It seems clear in Germany at least that there’s a strong push for NATO countries to partner in order to create learning content, although, it’s not so clear how, who and when. It would be great to be involved in this, but getting a number of countries to agree how that would work sounds daunting. Perhaps the global spread of ADL has a role to play here.

One other strong theme at the event was Simulation and Virtual Training (SVT). With Bohemia in particular bringing affordable high fidelity, synthetic training to the desktop and similarly Caspian VBS Worlds, the tablet market, SVT seems set to see significant growth. LINE showed a sizeable number of examples at the Fernausbildungskongress and it’s clear that the Bundeswehr are keen to adopt SVT technology in their training blend.

So Hamburg was really good: great event, a brilliant insight to how the central European Defence market is developing, good weather and of course importantly, plenty of beer and Wurst. ITEC is in Rome next May so no doubt we’ll meet some of our new found colleagues from the Bundeswher and share some Frascati and Pasta in the Piazza Venezia.