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Changing roles: from project manager to learning designer

This post first appeared on the Epic blog on 12th October 2012.

Moving from a Project Manager (PM) to a Trainee Learning Designer might seem like an odd career choice, but it’s so far proving to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It’s still early days, but life in the design corner is certainly much quieter than on the PM table. The tasks are varied but steady and focused. Quite a departure from the rushed days of a PM.

The internal support has been amazing – from the moment I made the request to my Business Unit Directo er of knowledge from my UX Design MSc, there is still plenty for me to learn about learning design theory and implementation. So working to a structured but flexible training programme has been invaluable.

It’s only been about ten weeks since I jumped ship, but I’ve managed to get involved in a fair few projects in that time. Tasks have included: Alpha builds, bug fixing and a bit of script writing. In terms of learning theory and current learning and technological developments, the opportunities have been great. I was able to attend some of the talks at the recently held Reasons to be Creative and Epic has a wealth of white papers and useful resources to read through, as well as an internal library of books to borrow.

Although being a PM gave me an excellent overview of projects, moving to design has enabled me to see the detail and combine the background learning theory with practical application. As a career path, I can so far recommend it and as a training program, it’s definitely ticked all the boxes.

I do sometimes miss the interaction with clients and the buzz of delivering a project, which is the mainstay of a PM. But on the plus side, since I became a trainee, I’ve significantly improved my tea-making skills.