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ELIG Annual Conference 2012

It was an interesting two days at the European Learning Industry Group Conference (ELIG), which took place in Dublin on 1st and 2nd October.

Just two points:

    1. What struck me was the huge diversity of people and organisations ranging from universities (The Open University, Stockholm University, Aalto University, Finland), business schools (IMD Switzerland, INSEAD Paris, Ashridge UK), educational publishers (Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), corporates (Intel, Ericsson, Cisco) and Governmental organisations (European Commission, Swiss and Irish Centers for Innovation in Learning), all passionately believing that we have to modernise the way we provide education and training at school, at university and at work. The problem being that this sense of urgency is not yet reflected in the actions of policy makers or business leaders. The ultimate problem leading to Europe becoming increasingly uncompetitive in a fierce global market. How do we get our leadership to listen when we know that we can save costs and increase effectiveness at the same time?

  1. Maybe part of the answer lies in the work from the ELIG marketplace group. Laura Overton (Co-chair) and I (Chair) spoke about the results of the initiative to produce a ‘top ten’ of results based stories where learning technology and learning innovation have been applied to a wide range of commercial and governmental organisations.


It’s a great set of inspiring (and brief) examples from around Europe.

There will be a press release announcing the top ten shortly so watch this space!