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Tablets take over the enterprise

This post first appeared on the LINE blog on 5th October 2012.

According to McKinsey mobile is ‘on a roll’, with enterprise mobility ‘poised to fundamentally change the IT landscape’. We all knew that smartphones were a runaway success within organisations, but latest figures show tablets experiencing an even faster rate of adoption. According the latest figures in this infographic from Biztech over 90% of the Fortune 500 are either testing or deploying tablets and 74% of business professionals own a tablet.

Why this trend for enterprise tablet purchase and use? Simplicity, ease of use, portability and connectivity are the top four reasons cited. Single purpose apps that ‘just work’ are available wherever the employee is and can be ‘always on’ via a Wi-Fi or 3G connection ¬– and that ticks several boxes towards a potentially successful business case. Tablets are not only being adopted rapidly, but are also showing tangible business results.

Here are a few success stories.

Tablet success stories

  • An airline saved $1.5M in printing costs by viewing flight manuals on tablets
  • A construction company made an immediate 6% reduction in rework costs in viewing up to date blueprints in tablets
  • An automotive company estimates a potential saving of £1.5M in warranty costs per case for 100+ mobile ‘how to’ case studies
  • A construction company found a 50% reduction in inspection times using tablets with tools and detailed standard operating procedures embedded
  • A hotel chain found a 15-20% increase in room service sales after giving customers tablets to replace menus and a phone service

Elsewhere, organisations are finding that time to competency is dropping, amount of time spent on training is increasing and pass rates of that training are increasing because people like interacting with these devices. Why? The tablet effect is three-fold.

Firstly, the design standards inherent to the device encourage the design of simpler interfaces and simplification of content. Two, media consumption is simple and high quality. Three, interactions are intuitive via touch.

More Than Tablets

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