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ELIG Top 10

I am delighted to say that the ELIG first top 10 success stories has now been released.

There are a range of stories where learning using technology has had a dramatic effect on the organisations in question.

The idea is that everyone is free to use this group of stories to promote our industry, to support internal investment plans and generally help the process of waking up leadership to the importance of learning technology.

A summary of The Top 10 Stories are as follows. Full details of each one and resources you can use to share the stories can be found on the ELIG website.


Top 10% Boots stores participating in e-learning report increased sales and improvement in business performance

The IKEA Concept training programme saves €I.5m a year

Dixons Retail – improving sales prices by 30% and customer service metrics by 25%


The world’s largest classroom: CISCO Network Academy reaches 1 million students a year in 165 countries


Reduction in time to competence for NHS radiologists from 16 weeks to 7


Caterpillar achieves 40% improvement on sales performance via on-line delivery to 10,000 learners

New Graduate engineers at Howden reached competency 3 times faster


Ford improves sales performance and reduces time-to-competence by more than 50% across 24 European markets via Ford Learning Centre


Learndirect: Transforming UK skills delivery with 700,000 skills for life test passes

Columbia provides worker training for entire population

Businessman shows successful statistics of a company

This post was written by Piers Lea and first appeared on the  LINE blog on 8th November 2012.