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BlackBerry: is 10 a magic number?

This post was written by Gavin Beddow and first appeared on the Epic blog on 11th March 2013.

BBerryBlackBerry 10 launched on 30th January with much of the industry deeming it to be make-or-break for the platform and manufacturer (once called RIM, now just BlackBerry). While it’s still too early to say whether BlackBerry 10 will succeed against its competitors, there are conflicting claims stating sales have been both far lower and far higher than expected.

New HTML player and PhoneGap

As a learning technologies company, it is essential that Epic supports the platforms and devices used by our customers and their end users. As BlackBerry 10 handsets have only been available for little over a month, the need and demand to deliver content to these devices hasn’t yet been established.

However, as part of our continued effort to deliver high quality, multi-device learning solutions via the browser and as native applications (installed on a user’s device), we have undertaken a significant amount of work to ensure our HTML player can detect the device that content is being viewed on and adapt it accordingly. We are also conducting research into PhoneGap so we can publish HTML content as a native applications.

With this in mind, if BlackBerry 10 does indeed succeed and demand to support the device develops, with a little device-specific tuning and customisation, Epic should be well positioned to support this new smartphone.

Image courtesy of BlackBerry UK website