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Do your mobile apps pass the test?

This blog was written by Epicentre and first appeared on the Epic blog on 31st May 2013.

do your mobile apps pass the testIn this guest blog from our partner Epicentre, they discuss how you can ensure a high quality end-user experience for your mobile apps.

‘Do your mobile apps pass the test?’ That was the question posed by our partner App Quality Alliance (AQuA) at the recent event ‘Mobile learning: the real deal’, hosted by Epic and the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Aimed at exploring how higher education and public organisations can put mobile learning into practice, the event featured speakers who shared their experience of developing mobile learning apps and how these organisations have embraced mobile apps as part of their overall learning strategy. To see the backchannel conversation, videos and slides from the event, see the Storify.

Martin Wrigley, Executive Director at AQuA, rounded off the event with his presentation ‘Developing quality standards: mobile apps’ where he urged the audience to think of the end user experience before publishing and rolling out mobile apps. Martin highlighted the importance of properly testing mobile apps, and flagged up some common mistakes, before introducing the standards advocated by AQuA to ensure the optimal app experience.

As one of their approved test houses, Epicentre can test your mobile apps against the AQuA standards and approve apps for inclusion in AQuA’s Quality App Directory.

If you’re interested in creating or publishing effective and high quality mobile learning apps, you won’t want to miss this recording of Martin’s highly practical session. You can also access the presentation slides on Slideshare.

Find out more about Epicentre’s partnership with AQuA and how they can help you ensure the high quality of your apps today.