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LINE join the Land Rover Factory tour

This post was written by Katie Hart and first appeared on the LINE blog on 18th July 2013.

Katie Hart, LINE’s Information and Usability Architect, joins the Land Rover Factory Tour in Solihull and shares her experience.

I was really excited to be invited on the Land Rover Factory tour as I had never seen inside a manufacturing plant so it was a completely new experience for me. After a couple of hours walking around the different areas in the Solihull site I was amazed.

The whole experience is facilitated by charismatic Factory Tour Guides comprising a team of experts and driving instructors for the off-road experiences. They are full of historical insights, amazing statistics and technical information about the manufacturing processes and equipment.

We followed the manufacturing process around from seeing vast sheets of aluminium being pressed into the Range Rover carcass, right up to watching the dashboard being slotted into place and final touches added before it is shipped off to the new owner. I was also lucky enough to experience the unique multimedia experience that Land Rover offers its customers when they take delivery of their brand new Range Rover from the Factory. Situated in a state-of-the-art Visitors Centre the vehicle is grandly unveiled in a multi-media experience that literally gives you goose bumps!

In keeping with this high quality, high-tech, luxury brand experience, LINE worked with Land Rover to conceive and produce an iPad app to be used on the tour. The app was aimed at supporting the Guide by giving them all the information they need, and enhancing the tour for the customer even further. The iPad is is a perfect way to pull together all of the facts and statistics about the site and put them right into the hands of the Guides as they conduct the tour. Facts such as, the All-New Range Rover is now 420 kilograms lighter than the previous model, there are 3,722 rivets in one vehicle using a new riveting process which results in a 75% reduction in energy use, and many many more!

The decision to position the app as part of the tour experience was key because it ensured that all of the Tour Guides had the same information at their fingertips. Even newer members to the team could feel more confident that they didn’t have to remember everything before they could conduct a tour.

In this sense it also provides Land Rover with a direct channel to this customer-facing group and the ability to feed them updates and changes to the content rapidly. We used Jaguar Land Rover’s instance of LINEstream, LINE’s mobile enterprise platform, to develop the application and we are currently training up a highly experienced Guide and subject matter expert for this project on how to update and add new content to the app moving forward. Throughout the entire process we worked closely with staff at the factory who had been conducting the tours for years. Working with members of the end-user community heavily involved in the design process was a huge win on a project like this. This close contact allowed us to make decisions about the structure and the way content was displayed based on knowledge of how the Guides would react to it, or how they would imagine using it themselves. It also meant they could take the app directly to the end user community and find out what they thought of it during the final stages of the design process.

This use of our LINEstream platform to create a tour guide is interesting as it shows how it can be used to create so much more than learning and performance support apps.

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