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My Movember Mo-tivation

This post was written by Ben Catchpole and first appeared on the Epic blog on 18th November 2013.

movemberMovember… The one month of the year where men (and a few brave and fantastic women) show their respect and support for male health issues simply by doing nothing. It’s not quite nothing of course, we have to shoulder the glares of derision from the young, the sarcastic jibes of our peers, a freshly shaved face that itches like Hell on a jet ski and on top of all this, we have to deal with the fact that the opposite sex now find us even less attractive than they did before.*

But to participate is easy. We simply don’t shave our upper lips for a full month and see what occurs. Some of us may engage in a spot of facial topiary while others just look frankly alarming. But, as all men know, any attempt at facial hair is to be applauded and makes one a member of an elite few. Deep down we know that the younger members of the company look upon us with envious eyes.

So why do we do it? Because we’re men. It’s Movember and other men need encouragement to get themselves checked because it’s important. As a rule, the less-fair sex don’t like to talk of things health related and we certainly don’t find the idea of dropping our pants so a doctor can have a good rummage around particularly appealing. But we need to change. The facts surrounding prostate and testicular cancer are terrifying. But it’s not all doom and gloom…

The Movember Foundation supports world class men’s health programmes combatting prostate and testicular cancer and aiding research in mental health issues. The focus is on awareness and education. Living with beyond cancer.

I’ve organised a team here at Epic every year for the past four years, and each year we have grown both in numbers and in style. The moustaches this year are bigger and better than ever before (must be down to the beautiful summer we had or something to do with the Earth’s magnetic pull – I don’t know, I’m not a scientist)! This year we number 14 Mo-Bros and one beautiful Mo-Sista so we should be able to give last year’s total of just over a grand a jolly good run for its money.

As for why I do it? A few years back my father was (unintentionally) diagnosed with prostate cancer during a check over for something unrelated. Naturally myself and my family were pretty worried. Prostate cancer had done for my paternal grandfather but, thanks to an early diagnosis and the NHS’s unique brand of wonderful care, he received the ‘all clear’ just last week.

So there we go.

*This is utter hogwash. A man with a moustache is a clear 70% more attractive than one without. FACT.

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