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What happens in Vegas…

…doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. Last week, I attended DevLearn, an ELearning Guild conference and expo on how technology is changing training and development. Joined by Dale Solomon, Epic’s Commercial Director, and Sherry Archer, our US Solutions Consultant, we had an interesting few days.

Our booth on the expo floor saw a lot of traffic, and we had some very interesting conversations with L&D departments from a wide range of industries.

One thing that came up a lot during these conversations was how to embed learning within everyday workflow, and engage learners ‘on the job’. This is something that I touched on in my talk Putting the Smart into Smartphones with Performance Support.

Smartphone with performance support

Performance Support is a hot topic at the moment, and in my talk I looked at the theory which supports it, as well as showing how it can be put into practice. I walked through some case studies of resources and portals that Epic has created in partnership with our clients. Then, later on at DemoFest, I demonstrated a portal we created for one of our clients. This allowed easy access to documentation and training throughout each stage of the sales cycle, all in one easily managed place.

We also spoke to a number of people within the industry, who had heard the recent news our listing on the London Stock Exchange. It’s a very exciting time for us at Epic, and it was nice to hear other people sharing that excitement. As a couple of people mentioned, it shows there is great future in online learning technologies, and is a positive sign for the industry as a whole.

Thanks to everyone who we spoke to, we had a great conference and hope you did too!

You can see the slides from my talk on Epic’s Slideshare, and if you want to find out more about performance support, why not check out this insight .

This post was written by Ruth Haddon and first appeared on the Epic blog on 4th November 2013.