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How performance support could help Father Christmas

This post was written by Kayleigh Tanner and first appeared on the Epic blog on 20th December 2013.

save christmasAs we all know, performance support is useful in all sorts of roles, whether you are a salesperson, a senior manager or a secretary. To illustrate the effectiveness of performance support as a learning aid, I’m going to talk us through some very real scenarios which could happen during the festive season at the North Pole and explain how performance support would get the production line back on track.

Helping the elves

When there are millions of toys to make every year, it is understandable that the elves might get a bit confused about the correct procedures for using all their tools. A sensible solution would be to create a digital resource bank of short video clips on the intranet (or, indeed, the elftranet) which can be pulled up on their mobile devices at a moment’s notice to remind them of the correct techniques to use. Keeping videos short will keep loading times down, meaning nobody will end up in the accident and elf-mergency room with any chisel-related injuries.

Product knowledge

A problem Father Christmas might experience is trying to remember which toys he already has stored in the warehouse. When little Billy’s letter arrives, Father Christmas will need to be able to remind himself whether or not the Super-Mega-Deluxe-Fighterman has the built-in plasma pistol or if that belongs to the Hyper-Extreme-Fearmonger. Product knowledge is crucial when you have thousands of items to understand, and in our recent performance support event we learnt that lots of us like to search to find the information we need. Creating a database with an excellent search function means that with a quick search, Father Christmas will have all of the information he needs. Even better performance support would suggest similar items or items other children have asked for for some cross-selling (sorry, cross-giving) opportunities.

Minimising mince pie mayhem

Mother Christmas will have her hands full throughout the festive season, and when she has her hands full when she’s rustling up a batch of delicious mince pies, the last thing she wants is to have to wrestle with a recipe book to remind herself how to make her famous mincemeat. Instead, she could download a podcast which can be played on her tablet to talk her through exactly what she needs to do in real time. Another fantastic resource for a cook could be a series of short videos to demonstrate the correct technique for staple culinary skills such as rolling pastry or kneading dough.

Memorising the way

Do you really think Father Christmas has memorised the location of every single home in the world? I know he’s magical, but after all that sherry he’s going to need a little help. I’m convinced that the secret behind Santa’s navigation skills comes in the form of performance support. When the sleigh goes a little awry, his little helper can pull out their smartphone to detect their location by GPS and provide some useful tips for getting them back on track. That Sat Nav can really come in handy when he takes a wrong turn over Brighton.

And when Santa gets home from delivering all those presents, he will be faced with the last piece of performance support for the year: a reminder sent from his calendar at the end of his scheduled present delivering session so that he doesn’t forget to take off his boots before he treads coal into the house.

If you want to find out more about how performance support can help you in your own role, please take a look at our thoughts on performance support in the Epic Knowledge Base, or read all about what happened at our November LearningNow event.