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Can you afford to go without mobile learning?

Any elearning expert worth their salt will be able to wax lyrical about the benefits of mobile learning. It’s flexible, it’s accessible and for many staff, it’s a more convenient option than remaining tied to a desk all day. But putting off making the move to mobile could be affecting more than just the schedules of your staff. It might be having an impact on your training budget too, so find out why you should make the switch sooner rather than later.

informal learningNeed for speed

If staff can access learning on the move, you can guarantee they can get through it a lot faster. It is much easier to pull out a smartphone during a quiet period than to have staff taking themselves away from their jobs to learn at a computer. For example, a retail assistant can access sales training on a tablet stored on the shop floor so that they are ready to serve any customers who come in, rather than moving to a different room to complete desktop-based learning. The more easily staff can access training, the quicker they will get through it, meaning your organisation will start seeing results faster.

All together now

Not all jobs are based in an office environment, which can make it tricky to find time to train. Mobile learning means that you can engage even hard-to-reach learners, who may not have access to a desktop computer but can take a smartphone or tablet with them on the job. This way, you don’t end up missing anyone out, meaning you will see the benefits of your elearning across your entire workforce.

Performance support

The right person won’t always be available when your employees have questions, but that doesn’t mean anyone should go without answers. Mobile performance support allows staff to access just-in-time resources at the point of need, and is a good compromise if you’re not ready to take all your e-learning online just yet. Instead, staff can access standalone resources as and when they need them on their mobile devices, making them more efficient, self-serving and productive. If staff can train themselves on the job, you won’t need to pay the (often more expensive) ‘in the know’ staff to be available 24/7.

A time and a place

Face-to-face training is fine in some circumstances, but it can end up being incredibly expensive. If you’re sending staff off on an away day, this cost could include the trainer’s time, the room, meals, hotels, transport… it all adds up. With mobile learning, this needn’t be the case. Your employees needn’t stray further than the comfort of their own sofas to engage with your learning material, drastically cutting costs for you and keeping employees in the workplace, maintaining productivity.

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