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LINE Heads to Global Automotive Summit

When you think of cars and learning, it probably conjures up some pretty terrifying memories of being seventeen and heading out in a battered Escort plastered with L plates. I’m pleased to put your mind at rest; I’m not here to talk about dodgy three-point turns, nor am I going to detail the time I nearly killed my neighbour’s cat reversing around a corner…

I’m here to tell you that following on from another great year of growth for LINE in the automotive industry, we are attending the ENG Automotive Retail event in April, to get a feel for the key themes, buzzwords and hot topics the industry is talking about right now.

Automotive - A car driving

We have spent the last few years working with organisations to identify, understand and meet the challenges they face. Much of these are not specific to one job role or even manufacturer, and are echoed throughout an entire market, and in some cases, the entire industry.
At LINE we pride ourselves on our sector expertise. Our depth of knowledge in areas such as the automotive industry means that we are able to hone in and identify how our proficiency can have a sustained, long-term impact within an organisation, as opposed to focusing on one learning event or theme. We centre our thinking on end-users, on their learner journey, and on improving their overall performance within a role.
Attending the event gives us the chance to discuss current hot topics with the working industry. One of the most interesting things from our point of view is the post-internet consumer and their relationship with the traditional dealership. We have produced a lot of tools which improve and streamline the sales process, with the latest iteration existing solely as a marketing tool to present and sell vehicles to customers.

Now customers are armed with a wealth of information from reviews and forums they have read online, how will dealers retain their crucial position within the sales process? How will the dealership adapt to more buying decisions being made online? These both require finding new and exciting ways to create engaging, value-adding experiences for customers. It might require forming relationships that extend beyond the point of sale, particularly as the connected car may further affect the consumer/dealer dynamic.
As an automotive learning provider, we work with emerging technologies and the challenges they present, whether it be communicating globally, complex technical training, product and launch training or customer engagement. Attending industry-specific events ensures that we are able to respond to the industry’s wants, needs and concerns as we continue to transition the way roles, departments and organisations function in this sector.

So the next time you’re screaming at the Sat Nav or moaning about the quality of your in-car hands free, think back to a simpler, more nerve racking time, filled with driving theory and hill starts. It’s a far cry from the automotive industry today – buying cars online, connectivity and cars that park themselves. To get a flavour of some of the innovative programmes we’re working on, click here. If you’d like to have a chat, or you think our services might be of use to you, why not get in touch?

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This post was written by Jake Story and first appeared on the LINE blog on 27th March 2014.