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Why your organisation needs systems training

It’s all too common: your organisation gets a new piece of software, and everyone is expected to innately understand how to use it from the moment it’s installed. Obviously, this is rarely the case. If your company relies on computer systems for fast, efficient and accurate work, you should consider getting systems training to help your employees understand exactly what they need to do. Following lead designer Andy Bolt’s in-house training yesterday, we explore why systems training can make such a big difference to your organisation.

What is systems training?

Systems training uses a simulation of a new or existing computer system to help staff learn to use it in a safe environment. Learners perform tasks reflecting those they might carry out in their day-to-day roles to allow them to make mistakes with no consequences. Virtual guides are often used to humanise the content and to make what can often be very dry subject matter more relatable.

Who needs it?

Systems training is useful in organisations where systems are heavily relied upon for results. For instance, complex scientific or environmental analysis tools will require the user to understand exactly what they are doing. Systems training is generally introduced alongside new software or to support employees moving into a new role or with additional responsibilities to help them learn the ropes independently.

Why is it better than face-to-face training?

Much of what we learn is through our own experience, and systems training provides two benefits: firstly, it teaches learners how to carry out the necessary tasks. Secondly, it opens up an orientation experience, whereby the learner can navigate the relevant parts of the system themselves and learn more than having a mentor guiding them around a screen. The Do It/ View It model allows learners to attempt tasks themselves and to be shown the correct method only if they get it wrong, making it a more efficient use of their time.

What are the benefits for my organisation?

Everyone knows how frustrating it is being sat in front of a new program with no instructions about how to use it. The exploration process is time-consuming, and can end up being costly and even dangerous if things go wrong. Putting the right training in place will make everyone faster and more productive with your system, and will minimise disruption from employees having to constantly ask their peers for help. Systems training courses can also be broken down to provide just-in-time performance support, so that infrequently used programs can be revised with the ‘View It’ videos just before they are used to jog the memory of the user and aid the remembering process.

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