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Fight the fear to transform your learning

Are you scared of change?

Many businesses feel uneasy at the prospect of radical organisational change, especially when it comes to learning. They fear that they will make the wrong decision and make their corporate training programme less effective. While many businesses have embraced e-learning, the learning technologies industry does not stand still for long, and there are now an overwhelming number of new routes for organisations to opt for. Read on to find out more about some of the new and exciting ways we can help you transform your learning.

1) Social media

Social media has long been a hot topic in the learning technologies industry, but it is often highly misunderstood as a learning tool by organisations. Introducing social media for learning doesn’t mean your staff will be sitting on Facebook all day long. LEO Learning has created custom social media platforms to enable conversation and knowledge sharing in global organisations, helping employees make the most of each other for faster, more efficient learning.

2) Just-in-time performance support

Just-in-time performance support doesn’t mean doing away with formal face-to-face or e-learning courses. Instead, it is a way to supplement learning as part of a blended programme. Resources are delivered at the point of need to support staff on their learner journeys, giving them the information they need to perform effectively as and when they need it. This can be videos, checklists, infographics or anything else which will jog their memories when they need extra help.

3) Communications campaigns

It may sound obvious, but not all workplace learning needs to be shoehorned into a course. Instead, a communications campaign might be what you need. These are ideal when you are looking to change behaviour or communicate an important change rather than improving skills. Campaigns can include everything from internal emails and LMS messages to posters and screensavers. Your employees don’t need a course to teach them not to leave sensitive files open on their screens, but placing posters in their eyeline might give them the reminder they need.

4) Games with purpose

It is easy to understand why many organisations are apprehensive about introducing games to the workplace. However, games can be an incredibly valuable learning tool with the power to engage learners and simplify complex concepts for more effective learning. Our specialist games with purpose division, LEO Learning Preloaded, create highly innovative educational games to enable users to experiment and make mistakes in a safe environment.

If you’re ready to fight the fear and explore some of the innovative new ways to facilitate learning, please talk to LEO Learning. We will be with you every step of the way to help you transform learning in your organisation for good.