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Tin Can predictions 2014 – how are we doing?

female professional uses a tabletAt the start of the year, I stuck my neck on the line and made some Tin Can predictions. Now that we’re well over half way through 2014, I’m interested to update you all with how they’re shaping up…

Open source LRS

My prediction of an open source learning record store (LRS) came true even before my blog post was published (but after I wrote it, honest!). The open source Learning Locker LRS launched at the beginning of the year. A lot of people are trying it out and a smaller, but still significant number are modifying its code for their requirements.

Learning Locker still has some way to go in terms of maturity and robustness compared to the more established, closed source LRS providers, but it’s still a really viable option. Particularly if you’re looking for something bespoke, have an upfront budget to invest in development and want to avoid ongoing licensing costs.

We may have news on another open source LRS in the next month or so… watch this space!


At the start of the year I predicted that LEO Learning (then Epic) would release its own LRS. These plans have been blown out of the water because Learning Locker is just so good!
I like to think that this has something to do with Mark Aberdour being on the governance board, but it’s more down to the sheer amount of developer time that’s been invested in the product.

The LEO Learning LRS still exists, but we’re now recommending Learning Locker to clients instead. LEO Learning can provide hosting and customisations to Learning Locker to improve security, integrate with your LMS and add any other features that you may need.

Conformance testing tools

I hinted at the start of the year that it might be 2015 before we see the release of any tools, and this is still looking very likely. For now, I recommend testing your Tin Can products against as many third party LRS’ and tools as you can get your hands on.


On the surface, there hasn’t been much progress on integrating Tin Can into Moodle. Under the surface, however, LEO Learning has been making progress. That’s all I can really say for now, but watch this space for further updates and please get in touch if you’d like to find out more more about using Tin Can in your learning programme.