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What does learning transformation look like?

As a learning technologies firm, we are well accustomed to the excitement and confusion that surrounds the ‘next big thing’. Given the ever-evolving nature of technology-enabled industries, there will always be new systems and ideas which can easily get in the way of the real challenges an organisation faces.

Reacting and adapting to technological change is expensive and isn’t always what frontline learners need. It takes a number of years for a new idea – like mobile learning was and wearable technology currently is – to gain investment, acceptance and uptake before we begin to see it taking hold in the workplace.

As a leader in the learning technologies industry, we keep our ear to the ground, constantly monitoring research, trends and emerging forms of technology-enabled learning. We know that the latest, flashiest technology isn’t always what organisations need. They need consistent, future-proof solutions and a truly visible, long-term return on investment. What that looks like differs from organisation to organisation, but it always draws on technology, powerful content and new ways of working.

Real change happens at a much higher level than any individual tool or mode of delivery can offer. It’s much more important to pool all challenges, theories and technology into something where all these elements work together, cohesively. Every challenge an organisation faces brings an added dimension to the way learning can revolutionise a business. Some common challenges faced by businesses today include:

  • Skill shortages in changing markets
  • Leadership at breaking point
  • Challenging productivity and performance targets
  • Increased industry regulation
  • Rapidly shifting workforce demographics
  • A plethora of new technologies and platforms to review and assess
  • The drive for an increasingly globalised, yet localised, business space.

These are the sort of challenges that we want to answer, and exactly what our consulting experts respond to every day. The ground we stand on is constantly shifting, and to understand the best way technology can help, we need to recognise where the real opportunities are.

Our exclusive ebook looks at how we can begin the learning transformation process in your organisation. It will help you understand what learning transformation is and what the future of the learning technologies space will look like. You will learn about:

  • The need for learning transformation
  • The technological and social drivers involved
  • The new learning mix
  • Learning’s missing ingredient

Download our free ebook today to get started on the path to learning transformation in your business.