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Tin Can for learning designers

For many people, Tin Can is simply a new version of SCORM that will have little impact on learning design and learning itself. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that’s not true. Tin Can is very different to SCORM, and sets us free from the constraints of traditional SCORM e-learning. We can now track and integrate any learning experience. Think outside the box, outside the LMS and outside what you might normally envisage e-learning to look like.

This technical change has a massive impact on learning design. There are new opportunities to create more interesting and effective learning solutions, to better evaluate and analyse learning and performance, and to deliver more personalised experiences. There are also new challenges being discovered as we implement this pioneering technology. Are you ready for them?

This October I’m running a four-week course for learning designers that will prepare you to design for Tin Can. The course is hosted by the eLearning Guild, and will consist of four two-hour sessions plus various midweek activities in between. I’ll introduce you to Tin Can, take you through some of the technical details from a learning design standpoint, explore the practicalities of Tin Can-enabled design and delve into learning analytics and reporting. In short, the course will give you what you need to start designing Tin Can solutions in your organisation.

I’m really looking forward to the course and hope you’re able to attend. Book now to avoid disappointment.