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Practice makes perfect: Discover why

Thank you to everyone who attended Imogen Casebourne and Andrew Joly‘s LSG webinar, ‘How the right practice makes perfect learning’.

This well-attended session explained why not all learning can take place just in time, and why practice is such an important part of the learning process for many skills. But in a world where time is of the essence, how can we expect our employees to learn the critical skills they need for business success?

If you don’t know who our learning experts are, Imogen is HR and Learning Director for both LEO Learning and our parent company, Learning Technologies Group. She’s also won Designer Of The Year at the Learning Technology Awards. As for Andrew, he is LEO Learning’s Director of Strategic Design.

Imogen and Andrew explored the ways in which we can create a more engaging, effective learning environment which is optimised for faster, smarter practice, using games with purpose, spaced practice and mobile learning as part of the learning blend.

Don’t worry if you missed it – you can find the slides from the session below. If you attended the webinar and you want to find out more about Imogen and Andrew’s topics, take a look at our list of resources, which you can find here.

LEO Learning & LSG Webinar: Practice makes perfect from LEO Learning

A screenshot from the LEO Learning webinar on practice makes perfect

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