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Transforming learning: what we can learn from the Towards Maturity report

LEO Learning’s Chief Strategy Officer Piers Lea gives his view on this year’s Towards Maturity Benchmark Report in this blog post.

Back in October, LEO Learning and Towards Maturity hosted a collaborative event with an exclusive sneak peek at the brand new 2014-15 Benchmark Report. Since the report’s official release in November, there has been plenty of head-scratching over how we can address some of the key issues highlighted in this year’s research. Reflecting on the recurring business challenges uncovered in our event, we have put together our thoughts on this year’s report:

The widening performance gap in results from using learning technologies

This year’s report shows, more than ever before, just how difficult it can be to apply learning technologies to get the business results we want. We’re conscious of the fact we need to be doing more with technologies to begin transforming learning, but not enough organisations are able to do this. This is where LEO Learning comes in. We set out to close this performance gap by helping companies align learning strategy with the results they need. This is about more than technology alone – we work with our clients to address how people, processes and content are brought together in the context of business culture for meaningful results.

The chasm between best practice and those starting out is increasing dramatically

The introduction of the Top Deck of learning organisations (the top 10% of benchmarkers) allows us to see for the first time the disparity between those who are just ‘doing learning technologies’ and those who are doing it well. LEO Learning is here to help organisations leapfrog that gap, helping them hit the ground running right from the very start.

The importance of the business case and how to establish a firm basis from which to operate

The importance of your learning programme extends further than your L&D department – great ideas need stakeholder buy-in. But building a business case can be a daunting task. LEO Learning’s strategic team work with organisations to help them gain support from management, and to help them realise the benefits of learning technologies to begin transforming learning.

What is needed to transform learning – how to modernise with the right strategies, tools and learning models

To create a true end-to-end service for large global clients, the right tools need to be in place. Over the years, we have used our own models and tools to develop successful strategies in organisations such as Jaguar Land Rover, and Civil Service Learning. Implementing a learning strategy is as much about making it all work as it is delivering it in the first place. This is why our approaches, such as the LEO Learning Healthcheck, are created with future rollout, development and measurement in mind.

The five characteristics of the top performing organisations and how to get there

So what exactly is it that sets the Top Deck apart from the pack? Fewer organisational barriers, innovation and speed to respond to challenges are just some of the reasons that 73% of the Top Deck have noticed a positive impact on employee behaviour as a result of their intervention, compared with just 21% of other benchmarkers. This year’s full report contains the big picture, but there is a lot to learn from the Top Deck to improve the standard of technology-enabled learning across the board.

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Report is a hugely valuable asset for our industry; it gives us a clear, objective view of the way learning organisations are evolving. With 11 years of data behind it, these trends give us a robust insight into what businesses want to do and what they really are doing. At LEO Learning, we believe we have the right team, skills, technologies and experience to increase performance – and help move learning right to the heart of business strategy. Read more about our approach and vision in our free, valuable ebook on transforming learning below.

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