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Solving the learning platforms crisis

Whether you call it an LMS, VLE or intranet, learning platforms are the glue that hold learning strategies and interventions in organisations together. It sounds basic and we might take it for granted, but without learning platforms, things can get messy pretty quick.

In large organisations, it’s not unusual for learning platforms to work on a department by department basis, duplicating subscriptions, complicating infrastructure and threatening the learning agility of your organisation. There are a lot of LMS vendors offering a lot of services, but the truth is that a third of LMS customers are dissatisfied with what they have in place. This is down to poor product selection, products failing to live up to promises or vendors offering poor support.

If your organisation is part of this large, unhappy proportion, with an ever-growing, expensive infrastructure which is failing to support your needs then it’s time to take action. With over 500 commercial products available, searching for the right learning platform isn’t easy. It’s not as simple as getting rid of one system or vendor in place of another, this needs to be a consultative process which seeks to understand and align the technical makeup of an organisation with an understanding of how people access and want to access learning and development content.

Over the years, LEO Learning has helped over 100 organisations enhance their learning platforms, and we fully understand how daunting selecting the right learning platform can be. At this years Learning Technologies 2015, which takes place on 28-29 January in London, Platforms expert Mark Aberdour is giving free session to help solve the platforms crisis that so many organisations are facing.

The session takes place at Theatre 6 at 15:30 on Wednesday 28th January, helping you to discover the secrets of product selection, system implementation, enterprise integration and achieving success.

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