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Learning Technologies 2015 roundup

Along with the rest of the L&D world, LEO Learning attended Learning Technologies 2015 last week, for our first outing with our new name, brand and team, along with our new approach to the transformation of entire learning programmes. We had a fantastic couple of days on stand 56, with some insightful conversations with faces old and new, and we are looking forward to speaking to everyone again in the coming weeks. With the event still fresh in our minds, we would like to share with you some of the trends we noticed at this year’s Learning Technologies.


The big buzzword of this year’s Learning Technologies was ‘gamification’ – but thankfully, the industry’s view of games-based learning seems to have grown up. LEO Learning Preloaded, our specialist Games with Purpose division, had some fantastic conversations about how games can be used to engage, inspire and educate learners. Phil Stuart’s seminar, ‘Getting to grips with Games with Purpose’, drew in a huge crowd, and posed some challenging ideas, such as whether or not training games need to be realistic, as well as real examples of how games have made a measurable impact on business results.

LMS confusion

One thing that stood out for our team this year was the confusion around LMSs. Many people came to the LEO Learning stand with a list of requirements for their LMSs, but without knowing much about what’s on the market. As a vendor-agnostic firm, LEO Learning works closely with organisations to establish the most appropriate platform based on their unique needs. This means you can rest assured that the list of requirements you brought to our stand will be implemented in an LMS that is right for you, not just one from a list of ‘preferred suppliers’.

Virtual reality

As the pioneers of the learning technologies industry, we are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Last year, we were experimenting with Google Glass on the stand, and we established that while there are some exciting real-world uses (such as their use by surgeons), there are still some fundamental limitations of the technology which must be ironed out. This year, LEO Learning Preloaded were demonstrating a prototype of a project with GearVR, and it’s clear from the reactions of our visitors that there is a huge appetite for virtual and augmented reality in the training space. We are going to be exploring this area in more detail in the near future, so watch this space for more on this fascinating topic.

Internal capability

Many of the visitors we spoke to on the stand were concerned that while they are already commissioning fantastic learning content, they don’t necessarily have the internal capability to implement it within their organisations. It’s clear that it’s time to start taking a more holistic view of our learning strategies and how they integrate with the rest of the business. LEO Learning’s consulting experts are happy to work with organisations around the world to help them build their in-house capability, or even to get to grips with authoring tools to enable them to build their own learning content internally. With our newly enhanced capability, we are the only learning technologies firm with the depth and breadth of experience to deliver full blended learning programmes.

These were just some of the trends we picked up on, but we would love to know what the key themes of this year’s Learning Technologies were for you. Talk to us on Twitter @leolearning to tell us what piqued your interest at the event, or if you want to find out more about how LEO Learning can help you in any of these areas, download our brochure to find out how we can help.

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