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LEO Learning monthly roundup: May 2015

Welcome to LEO Learning’s first ever monthly roundup blog, where we put the LEO Learning perspective on some of the month’s most interesting and thought-provoking news stories. This will include thought pieces from the industry, news from the technology world and a special section dedicated to our Chief Strategy Officer Piers Lea’s view on one of LEO Learning’s own blogs from the month.

Towards Maturity: The Learner Voice Part 2

Following our event with Towards Maturity, early May saw the launch of the second part of the independent research organisation’s Learner Voice survey results. This is filled with fascinating insights into the way today’s learners choose to learn, what works and what doesn’t. If you aren’t already collecting data from your own learners, this is a fantastic starting place to help you understand everyone from your new starters to your senior managers. We recently wrote about the importance of data and learning analytics, and the importance of research such as that carried out by Towards Maturity is invaluable for monitoring the state of the industry today and shaping the learning of the future.

Download the Towards Maturity Learner Voice Part 2

Clark Quinn: Ch-ch-ch-changes

On his Learnlets blog, Clark Quinn asked whether or not there really is any appetite for change within L&D. The consensus, he said, was that most of L&D is ‘comfortably numb’ – that is, L&D teams deliver what is expected and known, without appearing to strive for innovation. However, this inertia does not mean that L&D doesn’t want to drive change – rather that it is getting sidelined by ‘self-serve’ learning. That is why, Clark says, we need to refocus the way we think about L&D – as facilitators of learning rather than controllers. L&D teams have a lot to contribute in the way of curating content and putting initiatives into action, and we should embrace the appetite for a more self-guided learning experience. With the right confidence and support from the wider organisation, learning teams have the opportunity to instigate real change, and should not feel paralysed by more independent ways of learning.

Read Clark Quinn’s post

Jane Hart: Continuous learning: it’s a mindset, not a technology or product

Jane Hart recently wrote about the idea of continuous learning, and about the way we approach this within our organisations. We should, she suggests, encourage and support learners to learn for themselves, and to putting responsibility for learning into the hands of the people who are actually doing it. This means working with managers, individuals and teams to foster an environment where self-managed learning is embraced, and valuable content is routinely being shared with peers. LEO Learning believes that learning is a process, not just a series of disparate events, and to support this journey we need to trust our users with their own learning, and putting learners in charge of their own learning is an important step towards a more efficient learning experience.

Read Jane Hart’s post

Piers Lea’s perspective on… virtual classrooms

One of the great things about working in this new organisation is to have both the range of talented people (who are some of the best creative thinkers in our industry) combined with the ability to invest in R&D. We aim to change the world!

The first one is from Mark Aberdour who is both a world expert in Moodle and leading light in all application of technology in learning. This piece, about using virtual classrooms, may seem like a strange subject to start with. We believe the virtual classroom is very little understood and often not used effectively. There is huge power for organisations to use virtual classes as part of their blends, and here Mark gives us a few pointers

Read Mark Aberdour’s post

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