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Announcing the 2016 Towards Maturity Benchmark

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Technology is driving changes in learning at an ever-increasing pace. How do you know that you’re keeping up?

  • Would your L&D team benefit from information that would accelerate change for the better?
  • How does it currently gauge its performance?
  • Is it able to compare how it’s doing with other L&D teams?

LEO Learning is proud to be a Founding Ambassador for Towards Maturity, an independent, not-for-profit organisation set up to improve the quality of learning technologies at work. Since 2003, Towards Maturity’s annual Benchmark gathers key performance indicators from a broad range of companies, collates the results, and then allows an organisation how they compare to leaders in various areas.

LEO Learning’s Chief Strategy Officer Piers Lea said “LEO Learning is proud to be a Founding Ambassador for Towards Maturity. We use the insight and data gathered from the Benchmark to help us partner with organisations who are looking to move learning to the heart of business strategy. For almost 20 years, Towards Maturity has encouraged innovation in learning, shared best practice and influenced a wider agenda for global workplace learning. The Benchmark has been a key driver of that positive influence”.

What is driving change in learning technologies? How can that technology best be utilised to support change? How can your business develop new learning approaches that will improve its performance? The 2016 Benchmark Study can help you find out.

The benefits of taking part in the Towards Maturity Benchmark Study can be huge. Taking part can help you:

  • Modernise your learning strategy
  • Redefine priorities
  • Identify opportunities for development
  • Increase learner engagement
  • Save time and accelerate progress
  • Demonstrate value by providing evidence of progress

The 2016 Benchmark Study is now open, and those completing by May 20th will receive a free Personalised Benchmark Report (valued at £300) by the 10th June. This report is then sent out again, updated with the most recent information, in September.


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