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How storytelling can help organisations to learn and change

young professionals talking about storytelling

Storytelling is part of human nature. Stories help us comprehend and apply meaning the world around us, and when organisations harness this simple tool, real learning and change can be made.

They cause us to intuitively learn and when we meet a new problem that we don’t understand, we instinctively attempt to retrieve a story from our previous experience that will help us make sense of it. When hearing a new story we learn by problem-solving and filling in gaps when clarity in the story lacks.

To create an effective story that resonates enough to aid learning or create change, several factors come into play. The story should be realistic and relevant, told by a respected storyteller, and delivered in a format that resonates (whether by technology or in a face-to-face setting). Stories that motivate change should also include references to existing reality (the organisation’s history, the people involved, the concrete ways in which it has performed).

Imogen Casebourne and Dr Naomi Norman’s new resource ‘How storytelling can help organisations to learn and change’ delves deeper into the power of storytelling in and is available for download exclusively from our resources page.

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