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Getting To Know… Kate Armbrust

As part of our ongoing Getting To Know series, we’re chatting to members of the LEO Learning team all over the world so you can get to know them better. Today, we’re spending time in our North America office, to find out what makes our multi-tasking Art Director Kate Armbrust tick.

Getting to know Kate Armbrust from the LEO Learning team in New York

Describe your role at LEO Learning.

As Art Director, I work directly with clients to understand their needs and then create a unique design solution (website, portal or online course), with a fantastic user interface. I am responsible for all creative output coming out of the LEO Learning North America. In addition to my responsibilities as an Art Director, I oversee the New York City office. I work closely with LEO Learning team members – including developers, media specialists, learning designers and content developers – to execute outstanding design solutions and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

My leadership and innovation have helped take LEO Learning North America from a little-known start-up to a leader in the industry. In our NYC office, my mentorship has transformed our young talents into high-caliber, highly productive team members.

My work on the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) mobile app was awarded Best Mobile Learning by the eLearning Association in 2015. More recently, my Art Direction of the Anheuser-Busch Selling Skills suite was awarded Best Sales Training Solution at DevLearn’s DemoFest in November 2016.

Which part of working at LEO Learning do you love most?

I have worked for two major start-ups. In my experience, working at a start-up means that you’re expected to wear a lot of different ‘hats’. This is definitely the case here at LEO Learning North America. As an art director, I do graphics work, manage the NYC office, and the media team, plus I act as a developer, solutions architect, photoshoot director, and project manager. I love the fact that at LEO Learning I have the opportunity to learn and gain experience in areas that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to explore in my current role.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

In 2012, I left behind my life in Rhode Island and moved to New York City. This meant a new job in a new city and new friends. I knew only one person. The pace and expectations of my new job took some adjustment and making friends in a new city was challenging. I had the toughest boss I think I’ll ever have and while it was rough at times, it made me stronger. I was on my own navigating a new city and new kinds of people. I have been fortunate enough to have met a great group of friends through the dance music scene here in NY, whom I now call family. Starting over is never easy, but in this case I’m so glad to took a chance!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

I began my career at LEO Learning (what was then Epic) as a freelance designer in 2014. As the company grew, I was invited to come on full-time and have, over the last three years, transitioned from graphic designer to art director. I have established myself as someone who can be relied on and who has LEO Learning’s best interest at heart when steering the ship. Demonstrating that I’m capable of tackling any challenge that comes my way is something that I am proud to have achieved.

Getting To Know Kate Armbrust from the LEO Learning New York office
What are the three things you can’t work without?

  1. Music
  2. A delicious beverage (Kombucha, a smoothie or coffee)
  3. A window to look out of

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up I wanted to design greeting cards. Through a bizarre series of events, my first job out of college was for a start-up greeting card company where I worked for six years as a print production manager and graphic designer. There I connected with a colleague and the two of us opened a letterpress business in 2009, designing and printing wedding invitations and stationery. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to combine my background in letterpress and my love of creating a piece of art that happily needs a stamp. I continue to design greeting cards and celebration stationery today and my work appears in boutiques in Brooklyn, Providence, and in shops like Target, Papyrus and Starbucks.

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