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Getting to know… Carly Patterson

As part of our ‘Getting to Know’ series of blog posts, we’re talking to central members of the LEO Learning family so you can learn a bit more about them. Today, we’re speaking to Lead Learning Designer Carly Patterson, one of our North American colleagues.

Lead Learning Designer - Carly Patterson

Describe your role at LEO Learning.

I am a lead learning designer in the Bloomington, Indiana, US office. Outside of designing learning experiences, my responsibilities include project, client, and team management to help my designs become deliverables.

Which part of working at LEO Learning do you love most?

Because our office is small and our unit is fairly new, we are in a unique position to also create or refine processes, best practices, and team dynamics. I enjoy my part in this, where I bring my knowledge, experiences, and wisdom to the table, all delivered with my flair and personality. Our team is a strong set of unique individuals and we complement each other so well. It’s a privilege to have this opportunity to start small and hopefully grow strong.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Becoming a fairly sane and accomplished adult? Seriously though, I pride myself on constantly learning, constantly asking questions, taking challenges or a possible “hard” path so I can get what I truly want, constantly trying to force myself to become a better person. There are some times this is easier than others, but the reward is always fulfilling and makes the journey worthwhile.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

Building off of the last answer, there have been some “misses” in my journey. There have been times I’ve tried to leap across a canyon and fell into the abyss instead. So the challenge has been to want to find a path out, to find a path I believed I could take, and to know I would make it up and out. There have been times where I felt it would have been easier to accept defeat and accept I was never meant for the other side of that canyon. I’m so glad I was curious and stubborn enough to want to see that other side.

What are the three things you can’t work without?

Serious answers (for the logical side of my brain): A laptop, a pen and paper.

Fun answers: Some food or drink product (preferably Pepsi). A chair that spins. A group of peers that can go to the weird side with me, whether that’s having a debate about the lyrics of an old Christmas song (“Is it Bob’s tail or is it bobtail?”), quoting movies randomly throughout the day (“Do you need this right meow? Like, right…meow?”), ranting about the proper use of audio or images from a learning perspective versus what the client wants, letting me send or (even better) sending me GIFs for when words are just not enough, or letting me talk non-stop about my karaoke obsession and habit (I mean hobby… I meant hobby…).

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

In kindergarten, I wanted to be a “baby doctor.” I also remember wanting to be a rodeo clown too, so I’d say my childhood ambitions were probably all over the place. In fourth grade though, I began playing musical instruments and from there decided I wanted to be in an orchestra. I kept that dream until high school when I had a moment of youthful ignorance and decided music performance was too hard, and if it was too hard I wasn’t meant to do it. Fast forward to now, and I do have plans on going back to school for a musical performance degree once my girls are older. If I make it through, I hope to find a chair in an orchestra for what I call my “retirement job”.

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