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Blended and Virtual Learning: Creating the Perfect Learner Journey

Create the Perfect Learner Journey That Drives Learner Engagement and Behavior Change

Learning is never a one-off event. It’s a journey and a process that takes place over time. The perfect learning blend uses multiple technologies, content types, and delivery methods to create the ideal learner journey.

LEO is the world’s industry leader in blended and virtual learning. Our leading consultants can guide you through the maze of options to design and deliver the blend that works for your learners and supports your blended learning strategy.

Which Best-in-Class Blended Learning Solutions Are Right for Your Learners?

Effective Blended Learning Strategies

Deliver a blended learning strategy that embraces the principles of how we naturally learn and change, and embed them into your digital learning design.

Our cutting-edge blended learning strategies ensure you have the right components in place, so that you can create journeys that drive learner engagement and behavior change.

The Perfect Blended Learning Journey

Create the perfect learner journey for fast and effective learning. Work with our industry-leading designers to build a journey with the optimum blend of media, touchpoints, tools, and technologies.

Engaging eLearning Communication Campaigns

A compelling communications plan is vital when delivering the right messages at the right time, and supporting your learning as it rolls out successfully to your organization.

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