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Engage your learners and equip them with lasting knowledge with an effective blended learning strategy.

We’ve been advocates of blended learning solutions from the start, and have unrivaled experience designing strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our consultants use our tried-and-tested methodologies to deliver tailored blends that work for your learners.

Blend Strategies That Focus on Your Learners

When designing effective blend strategies, we put your learners at the heart of our thinking.

Our blend design model explores the 10 key modes or foundations of an optimal blended learning ecosystem.

Align - Deliver - Sustain

Based on over 30 years of designing learning programs, we use a foundation strategy to drive behavioral change through blended learning journeys, that we call Align, Deliver, Sustain.

This approach taps into learner emotion and motivation, delivering core information and effective learning that helps sustain the new behaviors in the workplace.

Your Successful Digital Learning Blend

1. Give People Their Own Learning Journeys

This has two key drivers:

  • Deliver learning that is personalized, that gives each of your learners what they need, when they need it, to do their jobs effectively and achieve positive change.
  • Give your learners the flexibility to create their own learning paths and engage with their learning.

2. Connect Learners With Each Other so They Can Learn Together

Learning together, or social learning, is one of the foundations of how people learn, so learning programs should leverage this power wherever possible. The way your learners now connect digitally makes this a strategy we can use to help them achieve success.

3. Captivate and Challenge Learners

We all know that learning can’t happen if we don’t engage learners and command their attention. That’s why our designers always look to maximize your learners’ engagement, often through scenarios, gamification, or immersion.

4. Realize Value and Use Measurement to Improve the Journey and the Outcomes

Our goal is to measure the business impact and effectiveness of all learning programs to give your organization valuable insights that will shape your future learning and create a culture of continuous improvement for your learners.

Discover the right blended learning strategy to transform your organization

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