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Learning is never a one-off event. It’s a journey and a process that takes place over time.

Our team of Learning Experience Designers and developers have delivered blended experiences ranging from microlearning that deploys on-the-job activities to fully blended flagship leadership programs.

Allowing Your People to Learn Effectively

When your learners experience the right mix of tools and content, structured in the right way, they learn faster and more effectively—and the skills or knowledge they gain become deeply embedded.

Blended learning combines traditional learning tools and content with modern methodologies that engage your learners.

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Engaging Your Learners Over Time

We deploy several key strategies to keep your learners engaged and learning sustained. These include spaced practice and nudging, gamified learning, and even looking closely at how coaching and manager support can work in the mix.

We also focus on a number of broad themes that drive an engaged and energized audience over time, including:

  • Mission and Vision

    Communicating the broad vision for the learning program before and during the learning journey is key to keeping learning front of mind - your learners, and your organization, will reap the rewards of fast and effective learning.

  • Context and Signposting

    Your learners will always understand why they’re completing each component, how it fits into their learning journey, and what’s coming next - this will allow their learning to become deeply embedded.

  • Variety

    Your learners’ different learning behaviors—such as learn, play, practice, reflect, and share—should be carefully balanced to vary the pace of the learning journey. This will increase engagement and allow your learners to learn faster and more effectively.

Want to understand more about how blended learning can benefit your organization?

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