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Learning is never a one-off event. It’s a journey and a process that takes place over time.

With multiple technologies, content and delivery methods to choose from, finding the perfect learning blend can be challenging. But get it right, and your people, and your organization, will reap the rewards of fast and effective learning.

The perfect learning blend is the best combination of activities (or learner modes) that create the ideal learner journey. Blends utilize the capabilities of different digital learning technologies and media, combined with other elements such as face-to-face learning, work-based activities, and tasks.

We can guide you through the maze of options to design and deliver the blend that works for your learners and supports your blended learning strategy.

Creating Your Perfect Blended Learning Experience

LEO Learning has unique expertise and experience in the design and delivery of blended learning solutions, with hundreds of learning blends and numerous awards to our name.

Our team of Learning Experience Designers and developers have delivered blended experiences ranging from microlearning that deploys on-the-job activities, through to fully blended flagship leadership programs that deliver an accredited MBA Qualification over 18 months.

What Is Blended Learning?

When learners experience the right mix of tools and content, structured in the right way, they learn faster and more effectively—and the skills or knowledge they gain become deeply embedded.

The key to success is all in the minutiae of the design.

Blended learning combines traditional learning tools and content with modern methodologies. These include:

Blended Learning Journeys That Work

Designing the perfect blend relies on a deep understanding of your learners. Knowing what they need, the desired learner and business outcomes, the available technologies, behaviors, assets, and environment are all key ingredients.

At the heart of effective blend design is the learning journey.

Want to understand more about how blended learning can benefit your organization? We run a number of Innovation Workshops focused on learning blends.

LEO Learning’s ‘Align, Deliver Sustain’ model

Based on over 30 years of designing learning programs, LEO uses a foundation strategy to drive behavioral change, through blended learning journeys, that we call Align, Deliver, Sustain.

This approach taps into learner emotion and motivation, delivering core information and effective learning that helps sustain the new behaviors into the workplace.

Maintaining Engagement Over Time

Your people are balancing learning with many other competing priorities. This can mean learning takes a backseat to more immediate tasks. We understand this challenge.

Effective blended learning solutions require the expertise to design learning journeys that not only maintain but deepen learner engagement over time, and integrate learning directly into the flow of work.

We deploy a number of key strategies to keep learners engaged and learning sustained. These include spaced practice and nudging, gamifying learning, and even looking closely at how coaching and manager support can work in the mix.

Another key strategic trend for us in this area is the development of social learning strategies, such as creating cohort learner groups and action learning sets for support and shared learning.

We also focus on a number of broad themes that drive an engaged and energized audience over time, including:

Mission and Vision

Communicating the broad vision for the learning before and during the learning journey is key to keeping learning at front-of-mind.

Context and Signposting

We make sure your learners always understand why they’re completing each component, how it fits into their learning journey, and what’s coming next.


Different learning behaviors—such as learn, play, practice, reflect and share—should be carefully balanced to vary the pace of the learning journey.

Want to understand more about how blended learning can benefit your organization?

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