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Campaign strategies that engage and motivate your learners

With conflicting priorities and limited time, businesses need to make sure busy learners know where to find content and understand why it will benefit them.

Supporting your learning rollout with an effective learning campaign will drive your learners’ motivation and give your learning the best possible start in life.

Inspiring multi-channel campaigns can also drive the behavior change that underlies your learning.

We’ll Create a Multi-Modal Campaign for Learning That Works

Whether you’re looking to drive behavior change or need help engaging your workforce with an ongoing transformation program, LEO Learning can help.

Our experts will identify the right mix of tools, tactics, and channels that will engage your audience and meet your objectives. We’ll create the right mix for you, whether it’s social media, videos, posters, viral games, or manager briefings.

Our expertise in learning communications will ignite your learners’ passion.

Learning Communications for High Engagement

Knowing your audience is crucial to the success of your rollout campaign. That’s why we take the time to understand your learners’ motivations and preferred communication channels.

We’ll shape your messaging and communications as we develop your learning, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

That’s just the start of our journey. We’ll work with you beyond launch to sustain your campaigns with tactical communications that reinforce key messages to embed behaved learning in the workplace.

Learning Campaigns That Drive Behavior Change and Business Transformation

Large-scale change initiatives are now a common activity within many organizations.

We design and implement learning communications strategies that drive commitment and enthusiasm for change, developing the strong messaging and identity that can be effectively delivered across multiple channels.

To discover how to create an effective campaign for learning that engages and motivates, get in touch today.

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