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Immersive technologies that leave a deep impression with your learners.

If you’re looking to open up new worlds for your learners, our team of experts can guide you in your first steps using these exciting new immersive learning experiences.

AR, VR and 360 Video

VR, AR and 360 immersive video give us a whole new dimension to the way we connect with learners to deliver powerful learning. LEO Learning’s unique expertise at the cutting edge of these new channels means we understand more than anyone how they can open up new and exciting learning opportunities for you and your organization.

AR and MR In eLearning

In today’s complex world, point-of-need knowledge and support have become game-changers for many businesses. This is where Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) eLearning has incredible potential, delivering powerful situationally responsive information as your people need it.

Augmented Reality enables us to superimpose information—sounds, visuals or text—on the real world we see around us. Using headsets or smartphones, learners experience highly relevant content directly overlaid and integrated into the real world and at the precise point of need.

At the forefront of this fast-moving technology, and with new and exciting projects coming online all the time, our growing team of experts will help you explore how you can make the most of this cutting-edge technology.

As part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), we work closely and collaboratively with our award-winning specialist Immersive Technologies sister business, PRELOADED, which has created ground-breaking VR experiences for the BBC, Science Museum and Tate Modern.

VR in eLearning: New Worlds, New Possibilities

By recreating real-world environments perfectly, Virtual Reality (VR) has become a total game-changer in both application and practice. So if you’re looking for your learners to experience, create, and even learn together in virtual spaces then VR is for you.

VR provides an entirely computer-generated environment for learners to step into, giving them an opportunity to experience and interact with objects and situations in a way that they wouldn’t ever be able to in the real world.

There are many powerful applications for VR in eLearning, including:

  • Hazardous environments

    Recreating hazardous environments to allow learners to practice in a safe space

  • Training

    Training employees on large-scale, expensive, or hard-to-access machinery

  • Collaboration

    Collaborating in groups to solve problems

  • Knowledge

    Disseminating new product knowledge in a hyper-realistic digital format to sales teams and customers

360 Video for Cost-Effective Immersive Learning

The technology used to create 360 video has developed rapidly in the last few years, making it more cost-effective than ever to record and deliver fully immersive 3D video that delivers incredible situational fidelity.

Also known as 360-degree, immersive or spherical video, 360 video places the viewer in the center of a cinematic environment that’s created using cameras that record the real world from every direction, in contrast to VR which recreates a world digitally.

LEO’s in-house Moving Image team can film high-definition video for 360 video projects and our learning experts ensure the final result delivers on your learning goals.

Book an Innovation Workshop

Our 90-minute innovation workshop will help you understand how and where these latest learning innovations may benefit your organization. To book your session contact us at talktous@leolearning.com

Want to see AR, VR and 360 video technology in action?

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